Ready Colorado, a conservative organization that fights to improve Colorado’s education system, released their annual "report card" and named Senator Owen Hill the Valedictorian of the Senate for his leadership in helping students, teachers, schools, and parents.

This is a powerful acknowledgement of Owen's ongoing commitment to not just talk a big game or play politics, but to actually show up and know how to get the job done. Our kids come first, and we need to take that attitude to a do-nothing Congress who aren't delivering on their promises to us.

Senator Hill made landmark progress with education reform this year after passing House Bill 1375, which will provide equal funding for charter schools, alternative schools, and traditional public schools across our state. These charter schools, independent from government overreach, bring powerful new ideas to education focused on empowering children around our state achieve their best.

This bill is only the beginning. We cannot win this fight on a state level alone, and our current representation is failing to fight for us or deliver on meaningful reform. Under President Trump and Secretary DeVos, we have an incredible opportunity to pass real school choice reform on a federal level. As our next Congressman, Owen Hill will do the hard work and build on our record of success right here in Colorado.

But Owen needs our help. Chip in $37.50 TODAY to help take the spirit of the Colorado 1375 bill to Washington.