State Lawmakers looking at gun legislation

From KOAA 5:

Colorado lawmakers introduced a handful of bills at the start of the legislative session that could change some laws regarding guns here in Colorado. 

In the aftermath of the a school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people, the bills on the table are starting to get some more attention. 

'As these tragedies have shown, we need to analyze those things here in Colorado,' said Sen. Owen Hill (Colorado Springs-R) who is co-sponsoring legislation to repeal ammunition magazine prohibition. 

Among the bills lawmakers have introduced include one allowing concealed handgun carry without a permit, allowing concealed handguns on school grounds, and a bill banning the use of bump stocks. 

Sen. Michael Merrifield (Colorado Springs-D) is sponsoring the bill which would ban bump stocks, it will be heard in the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee later this month. 

Merrifield's bill, is something Gov. John Hickenlooper agreed with at a town hall in Pueblo last year saying, 'these things like a bump stock, which allows a typical AR-15 to become a machine gun, that those things should be outlawed,' that statement receiving mixed reactions from the crowd.

Additionally, lawmakers will look at bills increasing the penalty for firearm burglary, and a bill allowing deadly force against an intruder at a business. 

Many of these bills will be introduced in committees in the coming weeks.