Colorado Rep. Lamborn to get a primary challenge


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A young Republican state senator in Colorado is gearing up to unseat long-time congressman Doug Lamborn in an upcoming primary race.

Owen Hill told the magazine Colorado Politics that the state needs a new voice in Washington, one that meets the people's desire for new options.

"We are not getting the representation we need, we are not getting the leadership we need, and so more and more people are saying we need a different option," Hill said.

Last year, Lamborn incurred a primary race from an aide in the state's House of Representatives, Calandra Varga, which could suggest the winds are favorable for an ambitious state senator like Hill.

But Lamborn isn't a lightweight. He ended up crushing Vargas in the June primary by capturing 68 percent of the votes, compared to her 32 percent. He has managed to survive 6 terms as the 5th congressional district's representative. But that isn't discouraging Hill.

"We have a congressman who has been in for a while, and we think the very best form of term limits is when people get together and say, 'It's time for new leadership,'" Hill said.

The magazine said Hill is soft-launching his campaign on Monday.