Colorado Springs State Senator Owen Hill Announces Candidacy for US Congress

COLORADO SPRINGS / April 3, 2017 — Today, State Senator, veteran, and small businessman Owen Hill announced his candidacy for US Congress in District 5.

“Over the past several years, so many in our district have approached me with a growing frustration about the lack of presence and leadership from our current Congressman,” Hill said.

“Our community is looking for someone in Washington who will do more than simply vote the ‘right way’ sometimes. They’re looking for a public servant who truly serves the people in District 5 by being a leader, being active in investing in the community, and actually taking sides and fighting for answers when necessary,” Hill continued. 

Hill specifically noted Doug Lamborn’s lack of commitment throughout the recent healthcare debate, as Lamborn told local papers and constituents that he and his staff were still looking into the matter and that he remains undecided.

“On key issues, whether it be the crucial healthcare debate or others facing our nation, we are in desperate need of boldness and responsiveness that allow us to step up and get things done — not a wait and see approach.” 

Hill said his Congressional race will focus on key issues in District 5, including veteran and military support and responsiveness, innovative solutions for education, as well as continuing to promote strong family values.

Hill currently chairs the Education Committee in the State Senate, is the Vice Chair of the Finance Committee and is taking new leadership on the State Affairs Committee, where his conservative track record has been firmly established. 

Already this legislative session, Hill has successfully blocked bills that would create unnecessary new laws, regulation, and red tape as well as championed pro-freedom initiatives that resonate with the strong independent spirit of Colorado. Hill is staunchly pro-life and pro-Gun, with a score of leadership on both issues.

Hill is currently sponsoring legislation that will assure all education dollars are shared equally among both traditional public schools and well as public charter schools. In addition, Hill brought forward bipartisan bills legalizing switchblades, solidifying a framework for driverless cars in Colorado, and more.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to continue to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, and get real work done as we advance a strong, smart conservative cause,” Hill said.

“I’m eager to build on my track record here in Colorado as we set our sights on shaking up ‘politics as usual” in Washington,” Hill concluded.

Owen and his wife Emily, a native of Colorado Springs, have four children.

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