Issues & Positions



Obamacare attempted to solve the national healthcare crisis by cetralizing power in the federal government and giving an advantage to insurance carriers in determining access to healthcare. This has failed miserably. Republicans must honor their commitment to fully repeal Obamacare.

The key to solving the healthcare crisis in the 21st century is returning the power to patients and doctors. Patients should be able to buy health insurance and contract privately with any doctor they choose and doctors should be able to see and charge patients whatever they choose.

In addition, instead of just giving a tax break to corporations to buy health insurance, everyone in America should be able to buy health insurance pre-tax.

In my time in the legislature, I have worked with doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, and eye doctors to ensure that we do everything possible to promote the patient and the healthcare professional. This is part of the reason I have been endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

My healthcare advisory board includes a wide variety of doctors, nurses, VA administrators and patients, rural, urban, experienced, and new professionals.


Tax Reform

President Trump and Congress did a good job of cutting taxes, but it was barely any improvement on tax reform. Real tax reform is the next important step. In an age where your phone gives you the power to order anything, schedule an Uber, apply for a credit card, and video chat with your family thousands of miles away, you should also be able to do your taxes in a few minutes.

My commitment is to push for families and small businesses making less than $250,000 to be able to pay a flat tax of 10% and be done in a matter of minutes. No lawyers, no filing fees, no hassle, no audits.


2nd Amendment

We have watched in horror as every few months there are news reports of shootings around our country. As a husband and father of four children, I know that in a bad situation, my ability to protect my family is more important than anything else. This is why I sponsor bills every year to expand your rights and protections to protect yourself and your family.

In past elections I have been endorsed by the NRA and by the National Association for Gun Rights.

Beyond firearms, I also successfully legalized automatic knives last year with a bipartisan bill that no one thought we could ever pass. Knives are important tools in work and personal defense and I will always work tirelessly for your 2nd amendment rights.


Protecting Life

I grew up in a household volunteering to protect life and have worked to live up to my heritage. As a legislator, my very first bill was to defund Planned Parenthood and ensure your taxes are not funding the abortion industry. I have sponsored every bill possible to protect life.

But it's not good enough to just be a political activist. Every day thousands of moms and dads in our community are struggling to make ends meet and be responsible parents in a culture that doesn't respect or honor the sacrifices parents make. That is why I spent the last 6 years as a volunteer board member of Life Network, working to provide resources, education, counseling, and encouragement to families who need support.


National Security

Weakness invites attack. We have seen this timeless principle applied from the dawn of history. Unfortunately, from years of foreign wars with no clear strategy and Congress's embarrassing failure to pass a budget, our military and national security team are weak. Add to this years of President Obama appeasing our enemies and apologizing for American greatness and we are a precariously week position.

Only when Congress performs their constitutional role of funding national security and authorizing use of force worldwide will we be able to handle the coming storm of rising hatred of the United States worldwide.



I agree with President Trump that the first step in any comprehensive immigration reform requires us to secure the border. Only with the border secure can Congress begin to tackle immigration reform that treats current immigrants with the dignity and respect that our constitution requires.