happy constitution day

230 years ago, our founding fathers signed the Constitution of the United States, making September 17, 1787 a momentous day in our history.

The Constitution paved a way for equal opportunity without the government’s hand in the people’s lives dictating every move. It laid the foundation for the free market to grow, expand, and multiply, allowing the American people to truly claim what was theirs. And it gave US the PEOPLE the FREEDOM necessary to pursue our OWN goals without the government doing this for us.  

Part of what makes our constitution so formational is how it divides power among the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches so that no one man or sector can hold all of the cards. This carefully laid groundwork specifically calls on each branch to do their job so that we can move forward together as a country.

And yet, even today, our Republican Congress is failing to deliver their side of the bargain. Congress’ role is to make and execute actual laws, and they have been absolutely unsuccessful at getting their job done. Congress is failing to uphold the Constitution clear directives to play their part.

It’s time for Congress to act on lasting immigration reform and legislation. It’s time for Congress to repeal Obamacare. It’s time for Congress to do its job!

Owen Hill WILL defend the Constitution as your next Congressman. His pledge to you is to make this body of fundamental principles will be his guide in every single decision he makes and legislation he advocates for in Washington.

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Owen Hill

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