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Why i'm running: A note from owen Hill

Owen Hill for Congress, Colorado


I was barely 17 years old when I moved to Colorado Springs as a cadet at the Air Force Academy. Now, my wife Emily and I have four children, and there is nowhere else in the world we could ever imagine calling home. Today I am running for Congress to fight for our conservative values.

Church, school, friends, and extended family are all right here in Colorado Springs. Anniversaries are spent in the mountains outside of Woodland Park or in Buena Vista. Canon City and Salida are my destinations whenever I take a day trip on a motorcycle, which isn't often enough these days. Someday, I will finish a race in Leadville and finally get that hunt-club membership in Calhan.

But however much we all love living here, Washington DC and the power brokers there have no respect for our local way of life. The EPA is suing our community, forcing us to spend many thousands of dollars on legal fees that could be fixing our roads. Defense contracts are siphoned off to places like Los Angeles, Omaha, and Huntsville. 

Whatever unspeakable adjectives come to mind when you think of Washington DC right now, the only way forward is with strong, never-back-down leadership that fights every day to protect our communities and preserve our ability to live meaningful, creative lives. 

These things are easy to type, but hard to do. This is what I have been doing every day for four years as State Senator, and I am not backing down now. Over these years of service, I have built a reputation of being a defender of life and family values and defending our right to keep and bear arms. Building on this, I have made every effort to know and represent our community by expanding opportunity and freedom for everyone I represent. That's why I plan to run an energetic campaign throughout our community focused on the issues of our day and how we get things done. 

Some will try to make this campaign personal, but I am all about results. The focus for me has always been and will always be: what can be done to make this problem better and how do we get that done?

So, in the months to come, I look forward to encouraging you and being encouraged by you. We have begun to drain the swamp in DC, and we are on the path to repealing Obamacare, sending power back to the States, and standing strong around the world. But we have work to do, and that's why I am running.

Will you please join me in this fight for our community and our values by donating, volunteering, or just sharing an uplifting word? Our new website is www.OwenHillforCongress.com, and I still have the same email and phone number if there is anything I can do to help.


Owen Hill for Congress, Colorado

Owen Hill